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Terms and Conditions

The Augustinian Abbey School website is an online informative platform that assists the company in handling, organizing, and disseminating information necessary for its visitors. The website also provides procedures on how to go about enrollment for school years.

We recognize the importance of data privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. In line with this, we ensure that we comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173), along with its Implementing Rules and Regulations as well as any other relevant data privacy-related laws and issuances by the National Privacy Commission. Furthermore, we only collect and process information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of our website. This Privacy Notice explains what information we collect, process, and share. It also informs you why we do so, and your data privacy rights with regard to your information.​​

The content of this Privacy Statement may be updated or amended from time to time to align with any future platform configurations, and to comply with any changes in relevant laws and policies. Should these changes require your consent, we will be sure to notify you and request your said updated consent as you proceed with using the platform. Otherwise, changes will be rendered effective immediately upon posting.

Data will be used for the purpose of creating an account within the platform, so that partners may develop or make changes within the website. Regarding the newsletter subscription, your personal data shall also be used for notification purposes. We will only use your Personal Data if we have valid reasons for doing so. We may not process or use your information without your express consent. 



The personal information will only be accessible to the relevant service providers for installer registration. The data will be stored only with the administrators and not shared with any third parties.


The retention period for any personal information required in installer management is kept at a maximum of three (3) years. Partners may also request to have their information deleted at any time after unsubscribing, wherein Augustinian Abbey School shall destroy the data immediately. 


We place great importance on the security of the Personal Data that we hold, including the use of physical, technological, and organizational measures to ensure your information is protected from unauthorized access and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, destruction, and damage. Once the retention period is over or if the data is no longer needed, we will automatically delete your relevant personal information.


As a subscriber of our newsletter, you are entitled to the following data privacy rights: To be informed whether Personal Information pertaining to him or her shall be, are being, or have been processed; To reasonable access to any Personal Information collected and processed in the duration of employment; To object or withhold consent with regards to the collection and processing of your Personal Data. To suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of Personal Data from the relevant company’s filing system; To dispute the inaccuracy or error in Personal Data, and the relevant company shall correct it immediately and accordingly, upon the request unless the request is vexatious or otherwise unreasonable; To obtain a copy of their data in an electronic or structured format that is commonly used and allows for further use by the Data Subject; To be indemnified for any damages sustained pursuant to the provisions of the Data Privacy Act or Other Privacy Laws.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above or require further information, you may contact us. 


Augustinian Abbey School is fully committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. For any questions, concerns, or clarifications regarding this privacy policy and how to exercise your rights as a data subject, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at or send a text at 09296949028. 


You may also get in touch with us at, or reach us at our main office at (02) 8835 9697


If the visitors wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we will only request the following information from them: 

Email Address

Full Name 

Contact Number

Furthermore, we shall only collect the following information from our partners during registration for installer management: 

Installer Name 

Contact Number 

Email Address 

No information from partners and subscribers will be collected until they have given their express consent.

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